Best way for beginners to hold a fishing rod

Learning the basics of fishing begins with the rod and reel. Figuring out how to select a fishing rod is a whole discussion of its own; today, we’re just going to stick to the basics. Find out how to hold a fishing pole with a spinning rig, regardless of your experience level when it comes to angling.

Before you try fishing from a pier or boat, practice your fundamentals. Learning how to hold a fishing pole so that it feels comfortable in your hand will allow you to be a more successful angler as you gain more confidence and experience with a casting a fishing rod and reel.

Whether you’ve purchased a rod, take a fishing charter with rods provided, or borrow one from a friend or neighbor, here are the fundamentals on how to hold a fishing rod and spinning reel. Follow along with our three-step instructions and photos for how to hold a fishing rod and reel.

Step 1: Place your pinky under the reel stem

As an angler, you’ll want to get comfortable with your grip on the fishing pole. Holding a fishing rod is all about knowing where your casting hand should be.

For the first step in learning how to hold a fishing rod with a spinning reel, you’ll want to slide the pinky of your casting hand up under the reel stem.

Step 2: Grasp the fishing rod with your remaining fingers

With your pinky securely in place below the reel stem, firmly grasp the fishing pole with your three remaining fingers in front of the pole and your thumb behind. This placement of your fingers will give you leverage and make the chances of accidentally dropping the pole or having it pulled out of your hand by a strong catch less likely.

How NOT to hold a fishing rod:

Why do you want to avoid holding a fishing rod like this? It’s all about the grip. Notice how in this scenario, the hand holding the rod is entirely below the reel. If you hook a powerful fish that fights and pulls away, it could easily jerk the rod right out of your hand. You’re not only out a catch, you’re out a rod and reel.

Remember, pinky below the reel stem, rest of the hand above for a firm and secure grip. This is the best way to hold a fishing rod!

Step 3: Angle your rod against your elbow

Plant the rod against your arm when fighting a fish. This will give you more stability and control over the fish as you aim to reel it in.

And that’s it! Now that you’ve mastered holding a fishing rod, it’s time to learn how to cast one.

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